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‘The work I produce is colourful, lively and fun. I create bright bold designs that are naïve yet sophisticated and provoke feelings of happiness.

My preferred inspiration comes from animals and other simple forms which appeal to both children and adults, as these allow me to create whimsical characters and designs.

The fabrics I use are influenced by my love for children’s textiles. Soft fabrics make my pieces cosy and tactile.

Appliqué and machine stitch are an important part of my work. I use these techniques to create detailed pieces containing a lot of colour, texture and pattern.

The works that I design are often co-ordinating collections of toys and interior accessories.

Each new design I produce is exciting, quirky and unique. I feel I put part of myself into my work to create textile pieces that I like and hope other people will enjoy.’


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If you would like to adopt a Quirkle or purchase a matching accessory please contact Rebecca Shreeve on 07815 655 803. I make everything to order and you can choose what ever size, colour and pattern you like!

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